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Return to Ravnica

Set in Ravnica, a plane comprising a singular ecumenopolis, a vast and diverse variety of inhabitants co-exist. Prior to the events that transpired in Dissension, the law of city and plane of Ravnica was dictated by the Guildpact and was controlled in relative harmony by ten guilds, each representing a color pairing of the five colors of Magic; since Dissension, however, the Guildpact has been broken and the guilds, fallen.


Tensions build on the city-world of Ravnica, where each guild plies its own agenda to outsmart and outmaneuver the others.

Dragon's Maze

The Izzet propose a challenge in which each guild selects a champion in order to navigate and conquer the eponymous Dragon's Maze and, subsequently, the other guilds. Each Champion will have to traverse the maze, and they will have to deal with the other guilds' attempts to halt their advance.