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The apocalypse has come and gone. The landscape is blasted, and civilization has been torn asunder. The world has turned to pit fights and blood contests where quick wits and a good grip on a blade may keep a man alive for another day. Amidst this life-and-death struggle arises an artifact of compelling power. None can resist it. All desire it. But only one can hold it.


In the pit-fighting arenas, a Cabal dementia master enters a trance. Deep in the recesses of his mind skulk horrors and unimaginable nightmares, and no longer do those monstrosities wait until dark to come out.


Every wizard and fighter on the continent of Otaria wants one thing: power. One artifact can give them - undeniably - that which they seek, and nothing will stop any of them from possessing it. But in the end, only one can have it, and his actions will determine the fate of the world. The day of judgment has arrived.