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Theros Beyond Death Bundle (Ships Jan 24)

Theros Beyond Death Bundle (Ships Jan 24)

Cannot be sold internationally. Available Friday, January 24 2020
Brand New, English, Wizards of the Coast, 6 left
CAD$ 44.99
  • Description

    Bundles are a great way for players to fully immerse themselves in the new set and update their decks for the new Standard environment. With plenty of lands and Draft Boosters, plus a life counter and reference cards, the Bundle also makes a great way for newer players to start building their decks.



    10 Theros Beyond Death Draft Boosters

    20 foil land pack

    20 regular land pack

    1 foil promo card

    1 oversized Spindown life counter (1.5")

    2 reference cards

    1 reusable storage box

  • Details